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Therapy Session


On account of my own personal experience managing multiple chronic illness and life changing diagnosis, I offer wellness coaching to anyone, but specialize more specifically in helping others with chronic illnesses manage their health and wellness. Being accredited in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Association of Psychological Therapies Canada, has allowed me to develop a unique step by step approach to coaching.


This exclusive online seminar is designed to explain what I did to change my diet, help you understand "macros" and how to track them. I coach you on how to lose weight AND keep it off. I help you understand the basics of nutrition, plus the underlying biological mechanisms at play when you diet. These biological mechanisms are key in helping you understand how to work WITH your body in order to lose weight and keep it off. Knowing nutrition alone is not enough. This seminar provides you with step-by-step instructions as to how I first started changing my diet and how these nutritional changes impacted my body. This seminar also includes an exclusive diet tracker that I designed myself to aid in weight loss.



Using the step-by-step methods found in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, plus my expertise as a certified personal trainer, I help coach you to successfully navigating your health and wellness both inside and outside of the gym. Mindset is everything, whether it's achieving a PR, managing a chronic illness or landing that promotion.  I help you learn how to develop healthy daily habits to improve everything from sleep, to stress and time management by understanding how your thoughts effect your emotions and behaviors. We dive into how your mindset, environment and biology directly impact your emotional well-being and actions. Then using evidence based interventions like cognitive restructuring, I help you understand the steps you can take to become your best self! We take a holistic approach to making daily changes that have been scientifically proven to promote your health and well being, like meditation, proper nutrition and daily physical activity. 

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