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Premium online coaching options include a personalized action plan with a complete customized exercise program designed by me, a Canfit Pro certified level 3 Personal Trainer. I will personally coach you through your workouts live online to ensure you are maximizing each of your sessions to see faster results.


Plus, I will hold you accountable with weekly check-ins and help you rethink the way you look at food. I will show you the techniques I use to take control of my diet and lose 100lbs. I will teach you the basics of nutrition, diet hacks and the little tricks that helped me change my life and transform my body!


We will work together to create sustainable lifestyle changes that will make it easier to attain and, most importantly, MAINTAIN your goals. We will also dive deep and look at how your mind set will ultimately determine your long term success! I use cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with personal training to help people succeed. No one goes on a quest to become physically stronger without becoming mentally stronger as well! My unique training approach encompasses elements of the medicine wheel to take a holistic approach to improve your health and wellness.


Live real-time one-on-one online coaching during your own customized workout 

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